Word for the Weekend: October 13

By Brian Kershisnik
This Sunday, the 28th in Ordinary Time, brings us a familiar story from Luke's gospel, the cure of the 10 lepers - only one of whom comes back to thank Jesus for his healing.  The first lesson of the day, from the Second Book of Kings, gives us the story of the prophet Elisha healing Naaman of his leprosy - and Naaman's request for "two mule-loads of earth."  Writing from prison to Timothy, Paul speaks his faith with and eloquence enhanced by his incarceration.

I never tire of reminding that the best way to prepare to celebrate Mass is to read, ponder and pray over the scriptures we'll hear proclaimed at that liturgy.  To help you in that regard, take a look at this Sunday's readings and commentary on them.  Will you have young ones in tow as you worship this weekend?  Hints for helping children to prepare to hear the Word and those hints are right here.

Keep in mind: very often it's the bible stories we're most familiar with that require the longer preparation.  We can take too much for granted when we think, "Yup -- heard that one before!"  Let's not presume on God's Word this week nor on our understanding of it.  Take the time to read, ponder and pray over these texts...


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