Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY 10/9

Photo by Mark Penta

Audio for today's Pause for Prayer

I'm no stranger to grief, Lord:
my losses are many,
or so it seems to me...

There's hurt and pain buried in my heart
and I wander, often,
in the shadows of regret...

But all around and over me
you open up your arms in sweet embrace:
your grace a leafy blanket on my sorrows...

Even as the trees lay down their green
your light shines through in hues bright enough
to soften and to warm my mourning's chill...

Wake me from my grief, Lord,
chase away the shadows of my sadness
and set me on the path that leads to you...

Resurrect my heart, Lord,
and raise up what's bowed down, bent low
within my troubled soul...

Let nothing keep me from the glory
of your embracing arms and the peace
that falls as leaves of grace upon my heart...



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