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Over at Whispers in the Loggia, Rocco Palmo reports on a remarkable story out of the Vatican.

An international Synod of Bishops is being planned for October 2014 on the topic of pastoral challenges to the family in our own times.  Leading up to the synod, conferences of bishops in nations around the globe are being asked to review a preparatory document and to solicit input from their dioceses and parishes.  Calling this a "poll" would be inaccurate and misleading although that's what some have already dubbed the process.  Seeking grassroots response and input is what's happening and that in itself is more than newsworthy  since at the parish level it's unprecedented.

The preparatory document is well worth the read for its frank appraisal of the practical situations that challenge the church's ministry to the family these days.  Rocco's post includes the whole document.

The letter from Rome which accompanied delivery of the document to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops did not request grassroots participation although some U.S. bishops will likely head in that direction.  For a look at what that might look like, here's a link to the questionnaire distributed for this very purpose by the bishops of England and Wales.

This pope named Francis never ceases to amaze!


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