Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY 11/13

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Last spring I was so taken by the trees
dressing slowly in their new foliage:
   embraced and held in lush green arms,
   I gladly welcomed winter's end...

Through summer's heat those same green leaves
helped shade me from the sun's harsh glance,
gently fanning the odd breeze to cool
the sweat upon my brow...

In the fall I fell for their rare beauty once again,
watching every day to see
how warm their shades and hues might glow,
seducing me in afternoon delight...

But now the leaves are almost gone,
they've left me for some other love and I would stand
alone as bony branches scratch at gray November skies
- if not for evergreens...

The evergreens were there when I was taken
by the sweetness of the spring romancing me,
promising whatever I might want to hear,
whatever I might dream to have...

The evergreens all summered in their winter gear
and did not faint or wilt for want of water or cool drink
to parch their thirst as they stood hidden
in the broad-leafed silence of July...

And now as others take their leave, I see
that only ever-faithful evergreens remain
to help me bear what sorrows might be mine
as winter comes this way again...

Save for evergreens, only evergreens,
I'd have no hope of making it to spring
and through summer into fall:
but for evergreens, I'd have no hope at all...

In the forest of my soul, Lord,
on the landscape of my heart,
be the evergreen of every season
and the hope that sees me through...

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