Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 12/27

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Some are still on vacation, Lord,
though many have returned to work,
while for all of us the glow of Christmas
fades too quickly: out like the tide
as joy subsides and things return to normal...

But normal's not enough for us
who know your birth to be a feast of faith:
the peace you brought is ours to share,
the love you shared now ours to live
and the joy you offer ours to find and dwell within
in good times and in bad...

As Christmas lights still glow on trees
and on our window sills,
help us to tend the light you are
inside our hearts and minds...

Let our generosity survive and flow as freely
in the new year just ahead
as in the month just passed,
the season marked by giving deep and cheerful...

And as in Advent we kept watch for you
and waited for your coming,
so keep our hearts and minds attuned
to hear your voice and find you by our side
where you walk each day with us
and keep us through the night...

Let there be more than just 12 days of Christmas:
let 12 months of a new year
be the time we need to celebrate your birth
until again an Advent wreath reminds
that you will come again in glory at the end of time
and sooner, when our time ends
and we go home to you...



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