Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 12/17

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Sometimes in these days before Christmas 
we find ourselves surrounded by the happiness of others
who seem to have a joy in their hearts 
we have trouble finding in our own.
When it's hard to find the joy, difficult to rejoice, 
we might pray this way...

I rejoice, Lord,
in every joy I've ever known...

I rejoice in joys I've forgotten:
help me remember and savor them...

I rejoice in the simple things of childhood:
in summer days and winter snows,
all long since lost as memory fades...

I rejoice in hope that lifted up my spirit
even when I didn't find what I had hoped for...

I rejoice in those who've loved me
and in all my friends and each kind stranger
who's path has crossed my own...

I rejoice in knowing you desire my happiness, Lord,
and serenity and peace,
deep in my mind and heart...

Help me reclaim the joy I turned away from
when I was hurt, angry,
or awash in self- pity...

I rejoice in knowing you forgive me, Lord,
each time I fall and turn to you for pardon...

I rejoice in knowing that even when I'm sad
your gifts of peace and joy await me...

I rejoice in knowing that today's burdens
are not forever
and that all shall be well,
all shall be well,
all manner of things shall be well...

In all times, Lord, in good and in bad,
I thank you for my trusting in your love...

And because I know you love me, Lord,
I rejoice...



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  1. feeling "blue" and not really knowing why this is helpful. Thank you


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