Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY 12/18

Fiery Sunset by Christine Harkins

Audio for today's Pause for Prayer

In the last seven days of Advent the Church prays with seven "titles" of the Lord in anticipation of celebrating his birth at Christmas.  During this week before Christmas my Pause for Prayer will reflect each day on one of these titles, the first of which is Wisdom and the second, today, is Adonai...

O Adonai
(Adonai is the Hebrew word for Lord God)

With the fire of your love, O Lord,
cleanse my mind and thoughts,
my soul and all its hungers...

Burn away what's stubbornly selfish, 
begrudging, self- absorbed and false:
as with a refiner's fire, 
purify my heart's intentions...

Write your law upon my soul
and let my words and deeds make clear
it's your justice and your truth that rule my life,
that it's your word that shapes the person I've come to be...

Reach down from from the heavens, Lord,
and touch my days and nights, 
every minute, every hour,
with the grace that's yours to give,
the grace that heals and reconciles us to you
and one another...

Be the Lord of my life, O God:
be the Lord of my desires and passions,
the Lord of my choices and decisions,
the Lord of all my hopes and dreams,
the Lord of every thought I have
and every word I speak... 

Be the Lord who calms my fears
and soothes my anger;
be the Lord of my emotions and my feelings...

Be the Lord of all my seasons
and these holy days of Advent;
be the Lord whose birth I'll celebrate
when Christmas morning dawns...



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