A second Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 12/17

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Audio for today's Pause for Prayer

In the last seven days of Advent the Church prays with seven "titles" of the Lord in anticipation of celebrating his birth at Christmas.  During this week before Christmas my Pause for Prayer will reflect each day on one of these titles, the first of which is Wisdom...

O Wisdom!

Because I'm often very foolish, Lord,
 I pray you'll be generous with your wisdom - 
I need it!

In these short, dark December days
let your light shine upon my path
so I might follow where you lead me,
especially when I'm not sure of where I've been,
where I am
or where I'm going...

May your wisdom bring
order to my chaos,
faith to bear on all my doubts, 
common sense to sort out my confusion,
truth to enlighten my choices,
reason to course-correct my foolish ways
and hope to help me see beyond this day
to all tomorrow offers...

Be my wisdom, Lord:

shape my mind with your counsel,
bless my imagination with insight,
fill my thoughts with knowledge of your ways,
and give strength to my heart's convictions...

Let your wisdom be my guide and my companion, Lord,
a star to lead me to the truth
in this holy Advent time,
as Christmas day draws near
and in all the seasons of my life...



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