Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 1/28

Sean LeClaire is a friend with a mystic's soul, the source of the words above.  Spend some time today with Sean's words and my reflection below...   

Audio for today's Pause for Prayer

help me know the silence,
your deep silence,
as a gift...

Help me come into your silence,
and wait there
in the quiet
for your peace...

Help me find within your silence
not the void of absence
but the fullness of your presence...

Help me trust that in your silence
I will find you and we'll meet,
the beloved and the Lover,
in the silence
where every sound is hushed
and love's the only Word...

In your silence, Lord, I am
who I'm truly made to be
for only in your silence,
in the silence of your Word,
am I truly known and loved...

Help me know you in your silence, Lord,
that I might come to know
who in your love I am
and who I'm called to be...


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  1. Great prayer. Hope it is okay if I copy it and post it (with a link back here) later this week on the Daily Prayer blog.


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