Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY 2/19

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This timely prayer comes from the pen of John McGinty who blogs at BothSidesNow (now linked on my sidebar).

Prayer for Color

Dear Lord
When you brought all into being
You painted bright with wild abandon:
Canyon walls
Insect wings
Human faces
Early morning sky
And later evening too.
All suffused and alive with color
Reflecting the bursting moving abiding life you are.

Dear God
Now we are left with only white
Pure and simple
Beautiful in its own way, like all the others
But only.
Only whiteness, with evergreen insisting to stay
As a reminder of what was and yet may be

Color us deeply inside today
Let us burn with the gold of hope
The red of faith
And the deep unnameable hue of love.
In the midst of the white
And our gratitude for its silent settling down
Keep alive within us both the memory
And the vision of the colors that will be spring.

A Prayer for Color by John P McGinty is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License and is used with permission.


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