Monday Morning Offering: March 10

Coffee in the Morning by George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

In the spirit of this holy season, Lord,
I offer you a contrite heart...

I don't understand the mystery of your mercy, Lord:
how you love me even in my sins;
how you never fail to find in me something good,
something to love...

You never cease to reach out
to rescue me from my selfish ways,
to bring me home to your embrace,
to mend what's broken in me,
to heal what's sick,
to forgive what's sinful...

I don't understand, Lord,
but I'm ever grateful for the depths of the mercy
you never fail to offer me...

So this morning, Lord,
I offer you my contrite heart...

So great is your love for me,
the delight you take in me,
so taken are you with how my soul
mirrors you, my Creator,
that even when I forget,
when I tarnish,
when I deny your beauty within me,
still you call me back by your grace
and offer me your pardon...

So this morning, Lord,
I offer you my contrite heart...

Help me remember that you meet me
just where I need you:
where I'm rough-edged,
you come to smooth me;
where I'm broken,
you come to mend me;
where I'm weak,
you come to strengthen me;
where I'm sick,
you come to heal me;
where I've sinned,
you come to forgive me...

And so I offer you my contrite heart...

Forgive my sins, Lord,
and nurture all that's good within me:
be gentle in receiving the heart I offer
for it's a broken, contrite heart...

Help me forgive any who've have hurt me, Lord:
help me find the good within them...

Help me see in others what you see and love
and make me gentle in welcoming them
into my broken, contrite heart...

Help me to trust the mystery of your mercy, Lord,
the mystery of your merciful, forgiving Heart...

This morning, today and tonight,
and through the season of Lent ahead of me,
I offer you, O God, my contrite heart...

I offer you my soul, Lord,
because I know you'll never turn away
a broken, contrite heart...



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