Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 3/15

Be healed of what harms you.

Be whole and free
   and restored to the fullness of your life. 

Be strong in your spirit.
Be clear in your mind.
Be unafraid and confident of what is to come.

Be renewed in your faith.
Be renewed in your hope.
Be renewed in your love.

Let all of these blessings surround you.
Let them enfold you.
Claim them and build your future on them.
They are your birthright.
They are the truth beneath your struggles.
They are the enduring grace
   that forever seeks to find you.

Take this gift of blessing.
It is for you.
It is why you awoke this day.
It is your new life.

-This blessing prayer comes Bishop Steven Charleston of the Episcopal Church.  You can friend him on FaceBook (Steven Charleston) where he posts daily.


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