Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 3/16

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Folks frequently talk to me and write to me about their prayer life.  Many of us struggle to be faithful to prayer...  We aren't sure what prayer is "supposed" to be like, what it's "supposed" to do...  Some of us worry about whether or not we're praying "the right way."

God's Spirit is always calling us to pray, prodding us to pray...  God's always ready to listen to our prayer and understands our prayer even when we can't bring it to speech, when no words of prayer come to our mind or heart or lips...

Here's a fine reflection on prayer from John McGinty who blogs at Both Sides Now.  John writes of one of the many ways we pray and certainly a prayer like this is heard by God who hears what even we ourselves might miss...


There are spaces in life
In which, more than pray,
You become prayer.
It is as if every tiny bit of you
Stretches upward,
Leans forward
In supplication;
Every cell with microscopic hands
There are spaces in life
Where you feel like
You can’t pray
But you are prayer.

-John McGinty



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