Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 4/4

"God meddles in our miseries,
healing our wounds with his hands...
God saves us with tenderness, with caresses,
with his life given for us.”

Pope Francis, homily on October 22 

Meddle in my misery, Lord:
in the parts of me and places
where I do my best to keep you out,
where I hide from grace and from the love
that you and others offer me... 

Meddle in my misery, Lord:
touch me where I hurt and heal my pain,
caress my sins with mercy
and save me with the life you gave
upon the Cross...

Meddle in my misery, Lord:
don't let me wallow in self-pity
or take refuge in my pain,
but free me from my fears
and give me deep and lasting peace...

Make my hands as gentle,
my touch as tender as yours
when I reach out, Lord,
to soothe the wounds of those around me,
to caress and heal the grief my neighbor bears...

As you reach to heal my wounds,
as you embrace me with my faults, 
so open wide my arms and heart  
to welcome you in all who cross my path,
who wait for you in my embrace...



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