Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 4/8

After yesterday's prayer for some sanity in all the busyness, I received a timely email from a friend who wrote that sometimes his only and best prayer is simply calling on the name of Jesus...  I know what he means.  My friend's email brought to mind a song.  I listened to it several times and was grateful for the peace I found in it.  I pray it might bring you the same peace as you pause for prayer today...

Give Me Jesus by Acappella on Grooveshark


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  1. Lovely. Extra prayers for you in the busy weeks, months ahead.


  2. Alone … is what stands out for me in this prayer. I am … ALONE …so much of my life. No on I ever loved has loved me back … like i would have liked.

    But this song …. maybe Jesus … he will… love me.

    I hope. I pray.


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