Pause for Prayer: 8/13

Here's my ticket for today's show!

God's the producer/director
   - and believe it or not, I'm the talent,
       no understudy allowed.
I was cast in the part, no audition required:
   I'm learning my lines as I go.
I'm standing on stage right now:
   I live and breathe in this theater of life:
plenty of drama all around - I don't have to add my own;
   elements of tragedy, sure - but lots of comedy, too.

I'm in the production, a leading role,
   but still I have moments off-stage:
the Director shouts, "Take 5 for prayer!"
   - that's time to rehearse and review...
The script's not complete - I'm helping to write it,
   the Playwright allows for some improv.
No, the plot's not my own,
   there are shocks and surprises
      but I trust where the story is going.

There are more than 3 acts, more like 3,000
   but this day has but one performance.
So, I'm using my ticket, I don't want to miss
   what this day might bring to my stage
      and what I might bring to the play.

Oh, and thank you, Lord:
   the ticket was comped
      and I've got the best seat in the house!


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