Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 8/22

Photo by Bob Bowers

Summer's on the wane, Lord,
and I doubt I'll make it to the shore again
to sit with you at sunrise
and begin another day at water's edge...

But no matter where I am, be it cloudy, hazy, clear,
your sun will rise on my horizon and,
alone or in a crowd, you'll be there by my side
as each new day begins...

There's beauty in creation, Lord, but even more
in my mind's eye, within my heart, deep in my soul
where your warm light, your hope and wisdom
rise each day to shine upon the waters of my life...

So even as the summer fades, shine bright
and turn my face to you:
be my horizon, Lord, and meet me in whatever place
your Spirit leads my steps...


  1. some days it's so very hard to see the beauty...
    in anything-

    and so I try and try and keep trying...

    and sometimes I wish- I need- God to be literally right in my face, so everything else is completely blocked and hidden from view-

    but God seems to work in much more subtle ways-

    so, I will try to pray...

    thank you-

  2. Thank you for the lovely reflection and the lovely reflection in Bob Bower's photo!



Please THINK before you write
and PRAY before you think!