Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 8/23

The bad news everywhere
leaves me feeling helpless, Lord...

My brothers and sisters in faith,
and people of so many faiths:
persecuted, terrorized and tortured,
driven from their homes and homeland,
hungry and thirsty, exiled and wandering,
seeking a place to lay their troubles down,
seeking a haven of healing, a refuge
where they might dwell and worship you
in peace...

Move the souls of terrorists, Lord,
for who but you have strength to turn
and change a warped and twisted human heart?

Move the minds of fanatics, Lord,
and with your wisdom purge and purify
their bigoted and grotesque thoughts...

Sour the bellies of zealots, Lord,
until they're sickened by their arrogance,
their poisonous pride and venom...

Destroy the schemes and plots of all who seek,
for their own ends, to violate what's holy
in the hearts and lives of others...

Disband cartels, cabals and gangs of thugs:
conspirators who plot to undermine the lives
of those who've done them not the slightest harm...

Come heal the beaten, wounded poor,
bring peace to those who have no peace
and comfort those who mourn and grieve their dead...

Bring hope when we feel helpless, Lord,
and counsel us to find the ways
that you would choose to free all those in chains...

And, Lord, lest we become as tyrants, too,
teach us, in peace, to make the world once more
the gift you have entrusted to our hands...


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  1. Your words touched me, Father. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for this. I do feel very overwhelmed when hearing the news. My heart has been reminding me of the words of Peter; "I have neither silver nor gold, but what I do have I give to you: ...the name of Jesus Christ..." I fear we have moved beyond what politicians can do. We need, as Jesus came to call all humanity to, a transformation of heart. May the peace of Christ be with us all.


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