Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 9/21

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Speak to me, Lord...

Speak a word of blessing,
speak a word of kindness,
speak a word of mercy...

Speak a word that helps,
a word that heals my hurt,
a word to make me whole...

Speak a word to wake me up,
a word to make me strong,
a word to start my day...

Speak a word of hope,
speak a word of peace,
speak a word of pardon...

Speak a word of of wisdom,
speak a word of counsel,
a word that makes things clear...

Speak a word of challenge
and speak a word of comfort
and a word of consolation...

Speak a word to help me love
my neighbor and my colleague,
a word to draw me close to you...

Speak a word to my soul's depths,
a word to gather scattered thoughts,
a word to change the way I live...

Speak a word of memories healed,
a word of new beginnings,
a word to lift me up... 

Speak any word I need to hear,
a word of love and truth, Lord,
a word of grace from you...

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