Word for the Weekend: October 12

Some folks love weddings!  Other folks... well, not so much!

There's a wedding in this coming Sunday's gospel (Matthew) - and an invitation to a lavish feast in the day's first lesson, taken from Isaiah.

Lest you get caught without a wedding garment, check out the scriptures ahead of time and be prepared!  Bringing young ones to Mass with you?  Check here for hints on helping them prepare to hear the Word.

The first scripture this weekend describes a great feast and its menu but the greatest offering here is something much greater than a tasty dish!

The gospel tells the story of a wedding and who's invited, who shows up and who gets bounced.  Which category will you and I fall into?  And what should I wear?

The second reading offers some advice from Paul who claims he can "do all things..." How does he accomplish that?  Take a look at the text and find the source of Paul's power.

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