I'm pleased to be a part of this - with you!

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Nearly half of US adults share faith on line!

I'm pleased to be part of sharing my faith online: on my blog, on FaceBook and @ConcordPastor on Twitter.  And I'm pleased by all of you who share your online faith with me!  I'm especially impressed with the statistic in the third paragraph below:
God bless online media.

Almost half of US adults (46 percent) say they saw someone sharing “something about their faith” on the Internet in the past week. And one in five (20 percent) say they were part of the Internet spiritual action on social networking sites and apps — sharing their beliefs on Facebook, asking for prayer on Twitter, mentioning in a post that they went to church. “The sheer number of people who have seen faith discussed online is pretty striking,” said Greg Smith, associate director of religion research for Pew Research Center….

Not only do religious people find faith online; so do 50 percent of the “nones” — people who claim no denominational identity, from atheists to the vaguely spiritual. And 7 percent of nones say they have posted online comments...

(Read the whole report by Cathy Lynn Grossman.)


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