Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 11/20

Photo by CP 11/18/14

An amazing grace, Lord!

This one last rose has weathered the cold,
the wind, the rain and even light snow,
to share its beauty still
in autumn's waning days...

'Tis the last rose of summer, Lord,
of this I have no doubt,
and I count its passing from my garden a loss
to mourn and grieve as my soul does 
when any gift of beauty finally fades 
and falls to die
and slip beyond my reach...

Comfort me, Lord,
on this rose lost,
now but a memory:
green leafed, velvet red, 
scented sweet and yes, 
a thorn or two or more...

Comfort me, Lord, and
keep fresh in my heart
the promise of the rose bush
hard by my porch steps,
wintering cold December nights
and waiting for a warmer time
to bloom again in beauty
and with grace...

(Perhaps you'll spend some time in prayer today
   mourning the loss of roses in your life.
Here's a simple setting of The Last Rose of Summer
   to provide some background for your prayer.)

The Last Rose of Summer by 張震嶽 on Grooveshark


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