Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 12/27

Artist unknown

Study the image above...
A tender moment fathers know:
cradling a child and wondering,
"What will become of this little one,
fast asleep in my arms?"

Joseph held a child not his own, 

not in the natural sense,
yet a child who was his 
to care and provide for...

And isn't all love like this:
inviting us to care for, to share in
but never to possess, 
to hold but not to own,
the hearts of those we love...

The ones we love are ours
and at the same time, 
not ours...

Joseph, you hold in your arms a son,
a child born of Mary, your wife,
entrusted to you to protect...  

He is not yours 
and yet he's yours
to care for and to nurture,

to shelter and to love...

As you hold Jesus gently,
carefully and faithfully,
may we hold one another
and let ourselves be held.. 

Teach us, then, the love,

the embrace that never fails

to set free the hearts
we hold 

and cherish as our own...



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