Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 12/11

the jolly jingle's all around -
but not in every heart...

The red and green are everywhere -
but some folks
only know the blues...

The rush to buy and wrap and give
but burdens those who pine
for loved ones lost and gone...

Plans for Christmas eve and day
for some are just too many -
and not enough for those who'll be alone...

This hap-happiest time of the year
will be for some
the toughest month of all...

So, help me, Lord...

Help me hear the tears
that softly fall
as Christmas bells are ringing...

Let me see the shades
of blues and grays
that mute a neighbor's joy...

Help me wrap my love
to share with those
who've no one to be with them...

And if to my heart come the blues,
the tears and ache
this season often brings

I pray that peace - and even joy -
will settle in my own soul
and in everyone's, this Christmas...

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