Word for the Weekend: DECEMBER 14

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The Third Sunday of Advent is ahead this weekend!  Rejoice: Advent is half over and Christmas is on the horizon!  (If you have an Advent Wreath, this coming Sunday is the time to light the rose candle.)

For this Sunday's joyful scriptures, look here and if you're bringing children to Mass with you, there are hints for helping them to prepare to hear the Lord's Word here.

As is the case every year, John the Baptist cries out in this third Sunday's gospel.  Isaiah calls us to rejoice, even to rejoice heartily!  And St. Paul calls us to rejoice always, to pray without ceasing and, in all circumstances, to be grateful.  Now that's a tall order...

Advent is a time to prepare and the best way to prepare for Sunday worship is to spend some time with the scriptures we'll hear proclaimed that day, that we might better understand, appreciate and take in the nourishment God's Word has to offer us.

So, what are you waiting for?  Click on those links now!


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