Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 1/23

In one week, Lord, there are 7 days,
168 hours,
10,080 minutes
and 604,800 seconds...

Not even for a second
do you glance away
from my heart's cares
and the troubles I might shoulder...

You're with me every minute
of every day and every night:
whether I'm awake or I'm asleep,
you're always by my side..

Not an hour passes by
that you've not spent with me:
beside me, before me, behind me,
above me and within me...

No day fades to yesterday
without your having blessed it:
the good days and the bad days
and all days in between...

No tomorrow waits ahead
when you won't be there at its dawning
to welcome and to ready me
for what that day might bring...

One day of the week
you claim as yours but share with me,
the first day, Lord:

And on that day you ask
1 hour of my time, Lord:
60 minutes,
3,600 seconds

in return for being with me
through all the week just past
and with hope for every day ahead,
the week just now beginning

you ask an hour of my time:
to gather with your people
to pray, to hear your Word,
and be nourished at your Table...

Open my heart this Sunday, Lord,
to give you just one hour
with thanks for all the time you give
and spend with me each week...



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