Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 1/3

Adoration of the Magi by Andrea Mantegna

In Mantegna's painting, it's all in the eyes!

(Before we Pause for Prayer, a brief reflection on the image above: click on it for a larger version)

The magi offer the Child their gifts but they gaze up and off into the distance. Perhaps they're asking of the star they followed: Is this really the One to whom you've led us?

And Joseph...  Joseph stands apart, keeping a wary eye on these wealthy visitors.  Can you read his thoughts? How came they knocking on my door? Their gifts are so extravagant! What do these strangers want?

Not surprisingly, Mary, the loving Mother, keeps her eye on her Child. Might she see in this unexpected visit the twists and turns her Son's life will take? And yet, see how she offers her Child, holding him forth, already aware that he belongs not to her - but to all...

The Child's eyes tell us clearly that he has no need of these fine offerings.  He wants something else from each of is: he desires the gift of our hearts...

O God, set my gaze on only that star
whose light leads me
on the path of your truth...

Child of Mary's womb,
apple of Joseph's eye,
welcome me when I come to you,
when I draw near to visit and to pray...

Teach me to make of my heart
the finest gift I have 

to offer you and others...

When I wonder 

if I've found or lost you,
deepen my faith
in how faithfully you pursue me

and my life and my heart... 

Shine like a star, Lord, and show me 

the beauty of your face:
let me never fail to find you and see you
in all I meet and know...

O star of wonder, star of night,
star with royal beauty bright:
guide me to your perfect Light...


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  1. Wonderful epiphany prayer!

    I noticed a small typo rereading the 4th paragraph:
    "if I've have found"
    How would you correct this?

    Also, do you mind if I email this to friends?

    Eric M

  2. Thanks for the edit, Eric! My eagle-eyed sister usually catches such glitches within minutes of my posting but she missed this one. I would be VERY pleased if you share this with friends. Please just include a link to www.ConcordPastor.blogspot.com so that they might at some point visit my page. Happy Epiphany to you, Eric!


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