My guest post on a new blog

Over the years I've posted a number of prayers I've found on Bob Hostetler's blog, One Prayer A Day - and Bob has posted many of my prayers on his page.

Bob has a new blog titled A Thousand Ways to Pray, under the Guideposts banner. I wrote about this back in November and mentioned then that  I was pleased to be invited to guest post for Bob's new venture. My post appeared yesterday, Friday, January 2. 

I'm pleased to link to Bob's new blog and my post on praying the psalms which begins, "I’m not a big fan of country music, but..."

(Links to both of Bob's blogs are on my sidebar!)


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  1. The honor is ALL mine. Thanks so much for writing for "A Thousand Ways to Pray." Your insights on prayer are welcome anytime.

  2. I enjoyed your guest post on "A Thousand Ways To Pray" very much, Austin.



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