Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 1/27

Photo by CP

I'm warm in my recliner
in the middle of the night,
looking out my window
through sheets of falling snow,
whipped by windy gusts of cold...

I'm looking cross the square
to where my church beckons
to deserted streets,
two lanterns at her doors
keeping watch to welcome in
what prayers might come
this stormy night...

And in that church there burns
a light to mark the place,
the ark, wherein there rests
the Bread of Eucharist,
the Body of my Christ,
my Lord and God...

I cannot see the candle
glowing bright and
keeping faithful watch
at the tabernacle's side
but I know it burns
as surely as I know the heart of Jesus 
waits to welcome in
what prayers might come
this stormy night...

Such was my prayer at 1:30 in the morning...
Perhaps you'll find time to Pause for Prayer today
and turn your heart to your parish church
and to the Lord who waits there
to hear what prayer might come from you...

You might find this music helpful
as background for your reflection... 


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  1. Nice reflection while you're cozy. For some reason, hearing angry wind frightens me, and I give thanks I'm inside and not out. Let's pray for all who are not so blessed to be inside.

  2. Please THINK before you write!

    I have this exclamation taped on the wall beside me. I've added another sentence, however.

    Please PRAY before you THINK.

  3. Good advice, Faith! I've just changed the tag on my combox to reflect that!


Please THINK before you write
and PRAY before you think!