I wonder: what did I touch yesterday?

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The response to yesterday's Pause for Prayer was unusually good.

It was so good it gives me pause to wonder: what in that prayer touched all those who "liked" it (50 at the time of this post), who commented, who shared it with others online...

Folks who have never before hit the "like" button - did.
Folks who seldom have hit the "like" button - did.
Folks who always hit the "like" button - did.

I post a prayer every day of the week and I'm very much aware of how personal prayer is in the heart of each one of us.  That anyone ever responds in any way is a remarkable thing!

If nothing else, yesterday's response let me know who are some of the folks who are reading my posts - and that was a blessing for me... thank you!

Any time any one of my posts touches the heart of on my readers, I thank God.  Yesterday was a day to thank God - a lot!


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  1. Thank you for this reminder. I forward your emails to my children, and don't think about Letting you know they are good messages for me and I do send many to my kids.
    God Bless you and your ministry.


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