Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 2/27

Snow and Late Afternoon Light by Vivien Blackburn

Where I live, Lord,
there's more than enough snow
and it seems that's all we talk about these days,
so much so I've missed the gift and grace
of the incremental lengthening of days:
first by seconds, then by minutes,
since last December 21...

What a shame that I would miss
just what I long for
because it comes so slowly,
not fast enough for me,
but at just the pace you set, Lord,
as in all things,
with measured mercy and precision...

I wonder, then, how many other things are changing
around me and within me?

How many gifts and graces pass me by
because I hurry, have no patience,
make no time to stop and see the artistry
of all you're doing in my world
and in my life?

It's Lent, Lord,
and the season's very name means
"the lengthening of days..."

Slow me down, Lord:
make me mindful and aware
and help me see all that you're doing,
first by seconds, then by minutes,
in my body, mind and soul
as I wait for spring and longer days
illumined by your light...



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