Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 2/26

St. Paul was right, Lord,
when he wondered,
"Why do I so easily
the things that I don't want to do
and yet so often fail to do
the very things I want?"

I'm thinking of the good things, Lord,
resting in my heart and mind:
prayer I mean to offer,
help I want to give,
faults I should confess,
habits I must change...
It's my "To Do" list, Lord:
work I've left undone,
loose ends left untied,
promises not kept,
peace that's mine to make...
And yet, instead of these, Lord,
I do the things that bring me only grief,
not the happiness I thought I'd find
by going my own way...

In this Lent then, Lord, I pray for grace:
to come to prayer,
to lend a helping hand,
to name my faults and failings
and to change what I must change...
Help me leave behind
the things that drain my spirit, Lord,
and give me strength to do the things
that fill me with your peace...



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