Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 2/24

Photo by Kevin Carter

The photo above is not easy to look at.  It was posted on FaceBook by a high school classmate, Jack Myslinski, also a priest.  I share with you here some of his reflection and Lenten prayer...

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Lent has always been a good time for me to "burn all the trash" I so easily accumulate in my life. I came across this picture which I've had for years and it reminded me of things I should never take for granted....

This Pulitzer Prize-winning picture by Kevin Carter shows a vulture waiting to feed on a dying child in the Sudan. It expresses so horrifically the inhumanity and cruelty that we as human beings are capable of or in the very least indifferent to. My prayer for this Lent...
I promise I won't waste or take for granted all that I have.

I'll try with all my means to protect as many children as I can.

I won't allow my own personal comfort
   to be the guiding principle of my life.

I'll try everyday to be more sensitive to the world around me
   and not be blinded by my own selfishness and greed.

I won't discard this disturbing picture
   but rather I'll use it daily as source of grace
   to help me not forget that we are all brothers and sisters
   connected by our humanity and made worthy of it by our love.



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