Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 3/7

The truth is, Lord,
   you and I have some unfinished business,
      a few loose ends to tie up,
         an unsettled account or two...
You know all about this, Lord and I do, too -
   even if I try to hide it or forget it:
      my unforgiven sins; faults not yet repented;
      grudges old and rusty; resentments stoked by anger;
      bad habits not yet broken; arrogance and envy;
      selfishness and carelessness; a sour, bitter spirit; 
      a prayer life left untended...
my unfinished business, Lord,
   loose, unraveled ends, 
unsettled, long-past-due accounts
   that weigh upon my soul...

Remind me of your kindness
   and your mercy and your pardon
and give me all the strength I need,
   the honesty and courage,
to make my peace with you, Lord,
      in this holy time of Lent...

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