Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 3/15

So, Lent’s half over, Lord,
and Easter's only three weeks away...
I should be at least half-prepared, 
 half-ready to celebrate Easter
- but I’m not!

Back on Ash Wednesday I was doing OK,
right up 'til, oh,
maybe the First Sunday of Lent.

(I know, Lord, 

that was only 4 days!)

So, I offer you my sketchy record here 
and ask you to forgive
my unkept Lenten pledges…

I acknowledge my lack of self-discipline
and how I excuse myself so easily...

So many promises, Lord,
made with firm intentions
but a real FAIL in follow-through…

I confess my laziness,  
hoping you'll forgive me,
and accept my renewed pledge  
   to pray more often, 
   to sacrifice some things I crave
   and to reach out to the poor…

And this time,
help me depend and lean on you  
and not try to do this all on my own…

Be with me, Lord, 
and be my strength in every temptation,
especially when I'm tempted
to give up on Lent...

• When I put off prayer,
draw me to a quiet place 
and sit me down to be with you, 
to speak with you,  
to rest in your presence…

• When I’m tempted to indulge myself  
on what I’ve given up for Lent,  
remind me of my pledge and the reason for it:
to empty out my fullness, to learn a hunger
for what truly feeds my mind and heart...

• When I spend first on myself  
and consume more than my share,
more than I need:
show me how much I already have
(and where and how I have too much)
and help me be more generous 
with those who have little or nothing at all…

And if I’ve failed from the very beginning
to pray and fast and sacrifice,  
let today be my “Ash Sunday,”  
"day one" of Lent for me:
this is the day that you’ve made, Lord,
give me grace to grow in you...

Lord, I offer you my renewed Lenten pledge:  
strengthen my resolve,  
deepen my commitment 
and keep me faithful to you 
as I prepare for Easter
and the peace you have to offer me...


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