Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 3/12

Photo by Carolyn Wakefield
A friend captioned her photo (above): 50 degrees today and I knew there were daffodils looking for some warmth and sunshine under all that snow...so, I raked until I found them. The ground phlox is green and happy now, too!

I wonder, Lord,
at daffodils and ground phlox green
who wait in silent trust and faith...

I wonder, Lord,
how buried 'neath those six foot drifts
their graceful patience is not tried...

I wonder, Lord,
what waits in me beneath the snow
that winter's heaped upon my heart...

I wonder, Lord, 
how you have moved deep in my soul
through months of cold and cloudy days...

I wonder, Lord,
what growth you've stirred with tender care
to heal and mend my brokenness...

I wonder, Lord,
what strains within me even now
to spout and grow and bloom this spring...

I wonder, Lord,
what signs of hope might be laid bare
were I to gently rake my heart...

I wonder, Lord,
what grace I need to welcome in
the spring that waits me in my soul...

I wonder, Lord, 
and pray to have the simple faith 
of daffodils and ground phlox green... 

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  1. Father Austin, I am so honored that my photo inspired your beautiful words. You have captured the sentiment I was feeling when I was inspired to search for the new growth and share the moment with my friends - hope and new beginnings. Thank you for this lovely gift.


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