Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 3/13

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I don't know exactly when,
but sometime today...

I know you'll speak to me today, Lord,
   and so I pray you'll open my heart and my ears
      to the words you want me to hear...

I know you'll guide my steps today, Lord,
   and so I pray you'll attune my intuition
      to the ways your Spirit leads me...

I know you'll support and help me today
   in saying and doing what's right, Lord,
      and so I pray I'll accept all the strength you offer...

I know you'll come to me today, Lord,
   in the lives of those whose paths cross mine:
      and so I pray I'll know you when we meet...

I know you'll challenge me today, Lord,
   to move beyond my worries and anxieties:
      and so I pray you'll help me take the steps I fear the most...

I know you'll throw me a curve ball (or two) today,
   and ask me, Lord, for something unexpected
      and so I pray for the grace to be surprised...

I know I'll fail in love today, in small and larger ways:
   I'll need to ask your mercy, Lord,
      and so I pray you'll be there to forgive me...

I know you'll be there all day long, Lord,
   that you'll never leave my side, and so I pray
     you'll help me, in return, to stay just as close to you...



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