Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 5/31

Photo by MR

A friend took this photo and captioned it:
   Just a few weeks ago it seemed impossible 
   that this kind of thing would happen in my backyard. 
   Gets me every time...  

It's amazing, Lord, 
what you can do with a peony
in just a few weeks time 
- or so it seems...

Truth be told,
you were caring for this blossom's future
through a long, gray, icy winter
when all was hidden, buried in the snow,
and we wondered if spring would ever come...

If you care this way for a peony
I'm sure you care as much 
and so much more for me  
and I trust that through the seasons of my life
you'll bring to bud the goodness
you already know and see in me
and for which I wait and pray...

When it seems impossible, Lord,
that I'll survive my winter
and finally, one day, bloom,
remind me of the peony, 
your caring love for it
and the love you have for me...      



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