Homily for May 31, 2015

Homily for Trinity Sunday
(Scriptures for today's Mass)

Audio for homily

I wonder how many of us remember
what we were doing one year ago today.
Some of us  might have a hard time remembering
what we were doing a month or a week ago today!
We get better at some things as we grow older
but when it comes to remembering,
most of us find that we get better at forgetfulness!

So we need help in remembering things,
especially in remembering important things.
That’s why we have calendars and date books
and apps on our cell phones: to help us remember.
And in case I forget to look at my calendar to remember
where I should be and what I should be doing --
my cell phone beeps to remind me!

It’s easy to forget things I need to remember – even some big things.
In fact, believe it or not, it’s easy to forget – GOD!
No one and nothing is greater, bigger, broader or deeper than God
but sometimes, even often,  I’m so busy
with all the people and things on my calendar
that I forget that GOD wants to be on my calendar, too.
God who always was, who is and always will be:
God-eternal wants to be part of my life -- every day.
God wants to meet with me, every day, for prayer,
at a time I set apart for God and me to talk.
But it’s so easy for me to think that “I’m too busy to pray.”
Being too busy to pray is the beginning of forgetting God in my life.

And God wants us to set aside some time every week
 (and if you can believe this: he wants it on the week-end,
and we all know how busy weekends are
with so many places to go, people to see and things to do!)
-- still, God asks us to make some time every weekend, about an hour
 (that’s one out of the 168 hours we have each week,
or, annually, that’s 52 hours out of the 8,736 hours we have in a year)
God asks us to gather for an hour with others,
just like we are right now,
to remember some important things 
-- precisely so that we don’t forget them.

And what are those things God doesn’t want us to forget?

• We need to remember, to be reminded,
of how much God loves each one of us.

• And we need to remember, we need to be reminded,
of how much God asks of us and expects of us, every day:
not just an hour on Sunday on Sunday morning.
God has expectations of how we live our lives, every day.

• And we need to remember, we need to be reminded,
of how responsible each of us is for those who have
so much less than we do.
And especially when we get caught up in all that we have
can we be tempted to forget others – and to forget God.

• And we need to remember, we need to be reminded,
that there’s a truth in God’s Word here,
a truth wiser than any truth any one of us might come up with.

• And we need to remember, we need to be reminded,
that sometimes we easily forget the most important things
and let the least important things fascinate us
and shape our lives, our choices and our decisions.

• When we gather together for this one hour on Sunday
we need to remember precisely
what Jesus asked us to remember
when he was at table with his friends.      
To remember how he took bread, blessed it, broke it
and gave it to his friends;
to remember how he took a cup of wine, blessed it
and shared it with his friends
and then said,  “do this in MEMORY of me…”
It’s his way of saying,
“Please, don’t forget me!
I want to be with you and I want you to be with me.”

And every time we come to this table to remember him,
he is present to us in his Word
and in the Bread and Cup of Communion.
There’s no better way to remember Jesus
than the way he himself gave us to remember him:
here at the altar, where the shadow of his Cross
reminds us of just how much God loves every one of us.

Let me speak for a moment more directly
to our graduating seniors.
I don’t know if, a year from now,
you’ll remember where you were today, May 31, 2015.
But I know this.
If between now and then
you set aside some time on your calendar every day
to sit and to speak with God in prayer
and if you set aside an hour every week
to come to the Lord’s Table,
after a while you won’t even have to look at your calendar
or wait for your phone to beep to remember that God is in your life
because God will have become part of your life
in your every day life and your every week life.

You will  begin to remember God
in ways that will shape who you are and who you will become
with a truth, a spirit, a strength, a faith, a hope and a love
that comes only from remembering who God is in our lives.

That’s just what we pray for you graduates today:
that you will not forget God
but that you will remember him every day, every week.

And you can be sure that we will not forget you in our prayers
and we hope that you will remember us in yours.


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