Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 6/2

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Were you having a bad day, Lord,
the third day of that first week* back in Eden,
when you created earth
and seed bearing plants
and trees
- and pollen?

I had to ask, Lord,
because any day with pollen
is a real bad day for me.

Oh, I know that pollen's good
and without it there would be no plants,
no flowers for the picking
or trees for kids to climb

but the sniffling and the sneezing,
and the stuffed up head
just itching to explode:
all these I'd rather, easily, do without.

Sometimes even good things, Lord,
will bother me and hassle me
and somehow get the best of me:
but my annoying irritations
just might be an other's blessing

and when all's said and done,
I know that I'll enjoy what's grown
from pollen's springtime coating
of the great and green outdoors
-- if you could only spare the lining
of my nasal passageways!

(Too clinical for prayer, Lord?
Well, 'twas you designed the world
and how my body interacts
with gifts as nettlesome as pollen!)

Please send some rain to wash away
the pollen on my car and porch
and help me live in patience, Lord,
with all your gifts:
the ones I love
and those that make me sneeze!



*Genesis 1:9-13

Microscopic pollen


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