Word for the Weekend: TRINITY SUNDAY 5/31

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The Sunday following Pentecost is always Trinity Sunday. This feast presents us not with an event or person to celebrate, but with a doctrine: the doctrine of the Trinity, belief in three Persons in One God.

In baptism, we are sacramentally branded with the Trinity.  Some opt for an exterior branding, too, as the image above illustrates!

Look here for this weekend's scriptures and background on them and if you're bringing children to church with you, look here for help in preparing them to hear the Word.

In the lesson from Deuteronomy we hear Moses ask four questions about the God of Israel, helping his people to understand that the Lord alone is God and dearly loves his chosen people. The passage from Romans gives us God as our Abba, our divine Papa who adopts us in the Spirit as his sons and daughters. If we understood Abba as the term of endearment it is, this passage would have a more profound impact on us when we hear it. The gospel, from Matthew, gives us the "great commission" to preach the gospel to all nations and to baptize in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


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