Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 6/23

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I watch this video, Lord,
and I hear the families of the victims
speaking through their weeping
those amazing, startling, gracious words,
"I forgive you..."

I forgive you...

And I think of all the petty grudges
I hold tight and won't let go;
the resentments I cling fast to,
seeking comfort they can't bring;
how I stew in glum self-pity,
feeling sorry for myself...

I so easily forget how often,
and how freely and how fully
your gracious mercy pardons me
of all my sins and my offenses,
when every day I fall and fail
to think and say and do
what your heart asks of mine...

Only those who know your mercy, Lord,
will ever understand
how freely those so deeply grieved
might pardon, and so soon,
the one who caused their pain
- and call him to repent -
that he, with them, might know
the mercy that awaits us all
when even in our sins we turn to you
and your amazing grace...


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  1. So incredibly powerful, thanks for posting!


Please THINK before you write
and PRAY before you think!