Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY 6/17

Lord, sometimes I pray
that you'll solve all my problems for me:
just take them away
and make everything better!

I need to remember
that you never fail to give me
all that I need
to work, with your help,
through my difficulties.

This seldom happens over night -
as much as I wish and pray it would.

Rather, it takes time for me to see
all the help you offer me
and even longer to accept your help,
your grace and your strength
and begin to use your gifts
to work through the troubles that are mine.

Let me see the help you offer me, Lord.
Let me open myself to the help you give me.
Let me work with you, with your grace,
and come to the peace you promise me.



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1 comment:

  1. Thank you Lord, and please bless Father Austin. Thanks!


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