Word for the Weekend: July 19

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The sheep above are looking right at us to see if we're taking time to look over the scriptures for the coming weekend, the 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

These scripture texts and background material on them can be found
here and if your helping youngsters prepare to hear the Word on Sunday, then you'll want to check for help right here.

This Sunday's first scripture, from the prophet Jeremiah, is a condemnation of unfaithful shepherds and the Lord's pledge to replace them with more faithful shepherds. In the gospel passage from Mark, Jesus is moved to pity the crowd who seem to him to be like "sheep without a shepherd."

The middle text, from Ephesians, never mentions no shepherd nor Jews nor Gentiles but the passage is about the way the God shepherded both of these groups into one through the blood of Christ, the Good Shepherd.

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