Great beginnings and sweet endings

I've had some very fine food in Hawaii - too much to chronicle here!  Just let me tease you with one of the appetizers and the desert offering from the wedding reception I attended last night at the Halekulani on Waikiki.

Above you'll see a taste of ahi garnished with caviar and served on a clever utensil just right for a bite-size appetizer.  The tuna was the finest I've ever tasted: tender, sweet and succulent.  The caviar topping was a perfect touch.

Each guest was presented with a trio of desserts.  I began with the mango sorbet which served as a perfect palate cleanser after the main course.  On the left you see a shell that looked for all the world like a genuine coconut shell but was, in fact, a chocolate confection filled with haupia cream and topped with two chocolate dipped shortbread cookies. The third temptation was a caramelized pineapple custard tart in a light pastry shell.  You'd think this would be more than enough but a slice of the wedding cake followed!


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