Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 9/27

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This photo isn't from the pope's US tour.  It was taken in June in St. Peter's Square at a ceremony at which Pope Francis blessed newly married couples (who came to the event dressed in their wedding clothes).  This image is an icon of his ministry: he meets people right where they are in their lives: not in their past, not in what he might well hope and pray to be their future - but right where they are in the present moment...

help me meet people where they are:
not in my grudging memories,
not in my biased judgements,
not in my anger and envy - 
but simply where they are...

Help me meet people as you do, Lord:
with the desire for peace,
with the grace of mercy,
with hope for the best...

And, Lord, help me meet people
as I'd have them meet me:
with a welcoming heart,
an open mind,
with compassion and understanding...

Meet me in your mercy, Lord,
and help me encounter others
with the blessings you've shown me...



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