Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 9/25

Driving from Honolulu to Kailua today, I stopped at this overlook in the mountain pass.  The wind was alive on the pali (the cliffs) and felt refreshing on a warm, humid day...  Join me in pausing for prayer... 


Great Spirit of God,
moving on the pali's grasses and branches,
move in me with all your power,
your strength, your breath of life...

Bend me to your will:
to what you'd have me do,
what you'd have me say,
to where you'd have me go...

As you enliven nature's greenery,
exhilarate my mind and soul:
bend me, move me, sway me, 
pulse in me
with life I don't yet know is mine,
with breath to keep me going,
with trust that comes in gusts
to fill my heart with hope...

Great Spirit of God,
moving on the pali's lush green heights,
move in me with all your power and strength
and breathe in me 
the life that's only yours to give...



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