Lanikai Beach, Oahu: photo by SH

A few years back I posted a prayer as my summer vacation began. Well, my summer vacation came late this year, in mid-September.  But this prayer is really more about sabbath time than vacation time, so I think it holds something for all of us, all through the year.  Whatever weekly sabbath we keep, this prayer urges us to keep it...
I'm on vacation, Lord: grateful for the time off, the time away and grateful, too, that I have work from which to rest… I pray for those who’ve lost a job and seek one and for those who are overworked and need rest... Let me not take for granted this time that’s mine for rest, for refreshing my body and spirits.

Help me relax, Lord, to make time to slow and silence all my inner rushing ‘round, to find a peaceful pace and place where I can meet you face to face.

Remind me of all the times you took your own rest, Lord: leaving the city and crowds behind, going out into the desert, up the mountain,
across the lake and off by yourself or with just a few friends, to pray.

Slow me down, Lord, and let the busyness that runs me, the hurry-up that runs me down, settle to a pace and peace that lets me be, just be with you, in the shore where your heart speaks to me and I can hear your word.

In my time off, in some place away, let me find again the peace of being at your side, remembering how you are always right by mine.


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