Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY 9/23

A friend recommended Buzz's place so on my first night out here I gave it a try.  Truth be told I was looking forward to an evening by myself but taking a seat at the bar for dinner the guy next to me immediately struck up a conversation.  So an artist/sculptor and a priest/writer spent the evening talking personal history, philosophy, theology, art - and the papacy.  The conversation was amazing and the sharing remarkable.  It was, indeed, a gift and a blessing - prompting this prayer...

I have no way of knowing how often or where
you plant surprises in my daily life...

I'm pretty sure, however, that I miss a lot of them
when I'm too busy, too tired, too lazy,
too turned in on myself to see
the blessings you have given me...

Some would say tonight's meeting was chance,
a coincidence, just a serendipity -
but I trust this conversation was more than that:
it held too much of value
to have come from a roll of the dice...

So for gifts like this I thank you, Lord -
"Great Spirit" as my new friend names you...

I pray I not miss gifts as fine as this
any time you drop them in my lap..



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