Morning Coffee by George Mendoza

To make my offering this morning, Lord,
I'm going to need your help...

Please, reach down deep
into the core of my being:
grab hold - 
and turn me inside out!

Air out my soul:
refresh and renew it
with the fire and breath
of your Spirit...

Lay bare my heart:
uncover and unmask it
in the light of your face,
in the brightness of your grace...

Wash my soul in mercy:
make it pure and bright
as new-fallen snow
ready to greet the sun...

Deepen the well of my heart
and fill it with your love:
slake my thirst for you
and for the peace that's yours to give...

Weed my soul and clear it:
root out all that has no place,
no claim upon my being -
and plant the seeds of hope...

I want to offer all I am
but I'm going to need your help
so reach down deep
into the heart of who I am...

Grab hold there, Lord,
and turn me inside out!



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